About Me

My artistic career started with studying a Foundation course at Plymouth College of Art and Design, before going on to study BSc Textile Design, and MSc Textile Technology for Textile Designers at The University of Huddersfield in the 90’s.  I never made it into an artistic role after University, instead I made my living as a bookkeeper (and still do part-time)!  After moving to Somerset, having children and working part-time, I experienced a bout of depression.  This experience made me stop, look around, and see the beauty in the landscape that surrounded me, and my creative side was re-ignited!

Somerset and the Somerset Levels provide such an unlimited supply of inspiration, through the changing light, seasons, variety of landscape and the abundance of wildlife.  I really am very lucky to live in such an inspiring place!

In my mixed media pieces I combine a yarn wrapping technique (traditionally used by weavers) with wet felting, hand stitching, lino printing and fabrics to create unusual landscapes.  They are often mistaken for watercolour paintings from a distance, due to the subtleness of the colours in the yarn wrapped backgrounds.  I have a constant interest to learn new processes, and incorporate different techniques into my work, so my work is always evolving.